Camping Sites in Maharashtra- Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know 2023

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Maharashtra’s camping spots are the perfect blend of excitement and peace and quiet. At Camping Sites in Maharashtra, you will enjoy the state’s breathtaking natural splendor, which includes lushly vegetated woods, tranquil lakes beautiful sloping hills.
With a diverse geography stretching from the Western Ghats to the Deccan Plateau, Maharashtra camping places offer a range of camping options, each with its unique features. we have already covered camping in Bangalore check it out those places are waiting for you
Ensure a once-in-a-lifetime experience by choosing to camp in either Lonavala, a picturesque hill station famous for its lush green valleys, or Mahabaleshwar, a scenic hilltop town boasting breathtaking views. 

Escape the city and immerse yourself in peace and tranquillity at the tranquil lakes of Kamshet and Bhandardara, surrounded by rolling hills, perfect for relaxing Maharashtra camping places.

For those seeking adventure, Matheran, a scenic hill station renowned for its breathtaking views, is the place to be.

1. Pavana 

Pavana lake camping
Pavana lake camping, by thrillophilia

Telling you only about real experienced feel at Pavana Lake, you will enjoy a variety of leisure pursuits against the beautiful backdrop of Pavana Lake.
In addition to renting a boat to tour the lake and take in the breathtaking landscape, visitors may go kayaking in the tranquil waters.
In this lake you will se so many types of fish. No doubts you will also see many beautiful birds species, including migratory birds that come to the lake at various periods of the year, bird viewing is also a must-do activity.
Wildlife lovers and adventure seekers can experience a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable getaway at Pavana Lake Camp in the gorgeous Pavana Lake of Maharashtra, India.
The camp offers tranquil settings and beautiful vistas that are sure to impress. checkout the camping events offered by thrillophilia
Enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable stay at the Pavana Lake Camp, equipped with all the necessary facilities.
Don’t miss the chance to gather around the campfire under the stars, a must-do event during your visit

2. Matheran

Matheran camping
Matheran camping, photo by thrillophilia

Stay amid breathtaking beauty and serene settings at Matheran Camp, located in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, India. Matheran is a popular for camping in Maharashtra because of the awesome experience it provides.
Spend some time in the woods and you’ll get just the right mix of excitement and rest. Because of its accessible location, modern facilities and stunning views of the surrounding hills, the camp is an excellent spot to stay when seeing Matheran.
All levels of trekkers may find enjoyment on the trails around Matheran Camp. Hikers may get up close and personal with the region’s breathtaking environment on a number of pathways.
Matheran is best destination for you wheere you will find out peace and a reconnection with nature. Take a stroll in the forest, picnic in the hills, or unwind at the camp and admire the views. checkout the best camping events offered by thrillophilia
Matheran Camping has everything you need for a relaxing and fun camping trip including clean and cozy cabins, beautiful scenery and fun and exciting outdoor activities.

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3. Bhandardara

Bhandardara camping
Bhandardara camping, photo by thrillophilia

Bhandardara is an important and best tourist spot in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra.
Visit Arthur Lake, Randha Falls, and Wilson Dam to take in the serene and beautiful scenery.
Visitors come to Maharashtra’s beautiful outdoors for its many hiking trails, camping areas and many other outdoor activities.
Participate fully in outdoor activities such as walking, camping, boating and fishing.
Bhandardara is so famous popular option for individuals looking for a peaceful and cool vacation.
The Western Ghats have a special structure that attracts tourists in search of nature, adventure and enlightenment.
It is a heavenly place for astronomy fans because to its beautiful lake, spectacular sunsets, and outstanding stargazing chances.
Get ready to set up your binoculars and tents by the lake for an intimate and unforgettable stargazing session with your significant other. Checkout the best camping events offered by thrillophilia
To add to the ambiance, Bhandardara is visited by millions of fireflies that light up the night sky in stunning synchrony, making it a truly magical and romantic Maharashtra camping places.

4. Gorakhgad Fort

Gorakhgad Fort camping
Gorakhgad Fort camping, photo by exploreourindia

A night in a cave seems like the most exciting option.
Well… it will be a fantastic vacation.. right? With its particular camping aesthetic, the Gorakhgad fort has been a well-liked tourist destination for well over a century.

Despite being in disrepair, tourists and adventurers continue to flock to the Gorakhgad Fort. Famous among hikers, this fort was originally constructed by the Yadava dynasty in the 13th century and subsequently served as a stronghold for Maratha soldiers against the Mughal Empire.

The Sahyadri Mountain Range can be viewed panoramically along the path, which is also renowned for its neck-tingling 80-90-degree slopes.

5. Revdanda Beach 

Revdanda Beach camping
Revdanda Beach camping, photo by thrillophilia

Adventure seekers and nature lovers flock to Revdanda Beach to experience the best camping sites in Maharashtra, it is located in the coastal town of Alibaug, and the beach is renowned for its calm and serene atmosphere.

At Revdanda Beach, campers can set up their tents on the sandy shore and enjoy a night surrounded by the sounds of ocean waves and under the starry sky. You can also enjoy campfires and beach stargazing with music.
It’s easy to make memories that will last a lifetime with the beautiful seas and breathtaking sunsets.
In morning time campers may stroll along the beach, collect seashells and take in the beauty of the environment. Bird viewing, hiking and other outdoor pursuits are everything available nearby.

Revdanda Beach is easily accessible by road and has numerous nearby restaurants and shops where visitors can purchase supplies and grab a bite to eat.

The friendly and welcoming residents enhance the unforgettable camping experience. Checkout the best camping events offered by thrillophilia.

6. Kalasubai Peak

Kalasubai Peak camping
Kalasubai Peak camping, photo by thrillophilia

At Kalsubai Peak, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the beauty of a mountain sunrise in a way that few others ever will. As you huddle inside your tent, surrounded by the crisp mountain air, you’ll be able to witness the dawning of a new day in all its glory.

The peacefulness and serenity of the mountain environment will provide a sense of calm that is hard to find in today’s fast-paced world.

The fresh air, the breathtaking views, and the importance of accomplishment will make your camping trip to Kalsubai Peak an experience you’ll never forget.

At 5,400 feet, Kalsubai Peak offers breathtaking views of the Sahyadri range of mountains and surrounding areas, whether you watch the sunrise or the sunset. Checkout the best Kalasubai camping events offered by thrillophilia

The climb to the peak, though strenuous and requires excellent physical fitness, will reward you with unparalleled satisfaction.

7. Harishchandragad fort

Harishchandragad camping
Harishchandragad camping, photo by thrillophilia

At Kalsubai Peak, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the beauty of a mountain sunrise in a way that few others ever will. The beauty of a new day may be fully appreciated from the comfort of your tent as you snuggle up against the cold of the mountains outside.

The tranquility of the alpine setting will be a welcome relief from the hectic pace of modern life.
Your camping vacation to Kalsubai Peak will be one for the books because of mountain’s clean air, awesome scenery and emphasis on personal achievement.

At 5.4K feet, Kalsubai Peak offers a awesome views of the Sahyadri range of mountains and surrounding areas, whether you watch the sunrise or the sunset. Checkout the best Kalasubai camping events offered by thrillophilia

The climb to the peak, though strenuous and requires great physical fitness, will reward you with unparalleled satisfaction.

8. Sandhan Valley 

Sandhan Valley camping
Sandhan Valley camping, photo by thrillophilia

In Maharashtra, India, Sandhan Valley Trek is popular with tourists because to its awesome challenging environment.
This trek is very unique and stunning since it takes you through deep, narrow valleys surrounded by high peaks and gorgeous waterfalls.

Camping in Sandhan Valley is an excellent opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the area’s natural beauty while experiencing the thrill of adventure. 

Renowned for its natural beauty and the splendor of the Sahyadri, Sandhan Valley draws many visitors with its magnificent formation.

A deep and narrow rock floor winds its way between two towering cliffs of the mountain range, creating a unique and unforgettable experience.

With sections of the valley as low as 3 feet, sunlight cannot penetrate, earning Sandhan Valley the nickname “Valley of Shadow.” To fully explore the valley, you’ll start at one end and traverse 2-3 water pools, which can reach waist height during winter.

At the end of the valley, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of cliffs and deep valleys. Checkout the best Harishchandragad camping events offered by thrillophilia


Maharashtra offers a awesome visual feast with its great mountain backdrop and impeccable Konkan coastal belt. Its very diverse culture and rich awesome culinary background have earned it the title of a dynamic state.

With exotic foliage and historical buildings the vibrant atmosphere of the place attracts travelers to this popular state as well.
Whether traveling solo or with friends and family, camping sites in Maharashtra will leave a lasting impression. 
There are numerous enjoyable activities in Maharashtra, and the city of dreams never experiences a dull moment, so Maharashtra camping places are a paradise for trekkers and backpackers.


Which camping activities are offered in Maharashtra?

Based on the camping area, activities such as hiking, climbing, kayaking, mountaineering, mountain climbing, and bird viewing may be accessible. Some campgrounds may include activities such as bonfires, stargazing, and wildlife hikes.

Which camping options are there in Maharashtra?

Most camping sites in Maharashtra include basic amenities, including tent tents, bathroom facilities, and, on occasion, food and beverages. Some campgrounds may include extra facilities such as bonfires, leisure activities, and music concerts.

What should I carry on my Maharashtra camping places tour?

Here is a simple camping backpack for Maharashtra:
Tent, Pad for sleeping, Warm clothing, Wet weather gear, Walking boots, First-aid supplies, Headlamp or flashlight, insect repellent, Sunscreen, etc.

Is it allowed to go camping alone in Maharashtra?

Yes, it is possible to go alone to camping sites in Maharashtra; nevertheless, it is best to warn someone about your plans and take the essential safety precautions.

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