Best places to travel Himachal Pradesh: A Solo Female’s Guide 2024

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Himachal Pradesh, the “Land of Snow or the realm of eternal snow,” is highly sought by leisure-seekers for its still mountains, tranquil valleys, and vivacious culture. But you don’t get the option of choosing your gender in Himachal (which is my case) and the question I always feel like raising is whether this place is safe and whether it welcomes women solo Treks in Himachal like us.

I think that the answer to that question is “Yes” with a very strong note! Himachal offers an agreeable ambience, a display of scenic beauty and an assortment of experiences that make this place ideal for a single-person female visit.

This travel guide takes off the veil of those locations in Himachal Pradesh that are good for female solo travellers and opens the doors to the world of adventure, serenity, and cultural diversity wide open.

Dharamshala and McLeodGanj

Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh

Home to Lhasa Dalit Nadd serene and enchanting Dharamshala and McLeodGanj, this truly is a place where the Indian and Tibetan cultures mix and can be found united. The city of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, forms the instance for Sheelodrama in the town of Dharamshala.

It is desirable for the solo travellers here who are peaceful souls to meet the monks, who teach Tibetan Buddhism, and with whom they can share dining with the tasty Tibetan cuisines. Discover the lively McLeod Ganj market, where a thousand hues of handicrafts and souvenirs saturate your imagination. Spend time walking through near amazing deodar forests, or come for a meditation retreat as a means of achieving inner peace.

Solo travellers also have the best treks in Himachal Located among the hills, Dalhousie lives up to her name which means “great house” and invites you to explore her captivating blend of colonial architecture and natural beauty.

Solo females will have confidence as they find companionship in reliable infrastructure and friendly residents. Get down to the colonial-era churches, duck yourself from the bushes sticking out from the meadows or take a cruise on the water of the Sach Pass. For the adventurous lovers, they will satisfy their hiking desire to climb mountains, and jungles to discover villages far away and waterfalls which are hidden.

In the evening promenade along the Mall Roadward, take part in the fascinating activities and sip a cup of your favourite coffee at the same time with stunning views of the mountain scenery.

There is a charming place


The Kasauli, in the region of Shivalik, a heaven for the ones who seek peace and serenity. Those lovely types gently roll down the hills that are enchanting not only for their stunning Himalayan views but also for a serene ambience and a great number of colonial buildings.

At Monkey Point, take on a mesmerising view and at Tibetan Monastery for a soul quietening experience. Kasauli will treat both book lovers and infoholics alike; with multiple little cafes where you can relax and enjoy an absolute masterpiece book with wonderful landscapes in the background.


Jibhi as a high point in Banjar Valley will give solo female travellers where lonely path-finding can be done. As the setting, this cosy village impresses with its gorgeous meadows that have wildflowers and waterfalls that go till deep down in the forests densely covered with pine trees.

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Walk along the magic trails, trout fishing in the clear streams of blue water, or in a calm state of bliss with nature. The reputation for the hospitality of the locals in Jibhi is known throughout the land, adding to a comfortable and homely feel.

These are the most beautiful treks in Himachal which are adrenaline enthusiasts, Jibhi provides mountain biking, canyoning and paragliding. The environment is also a great place for strength and stretching exercises to keep us fit.

Valley is a lesser-known jewel

Tirthan Valley:

Early Birds, Lovers of natures, Tirthan Valley is a lesser-known jewel of Himachal Pradesh. The valley with its immaculate natural beauty and idyllic peace is the ideal destination for a single female traveller, wanting to get away from the hecticness of urban life.

Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Tucked away in the Great Himalayan National Park, Tirthan Valley is a heaven for nature lovers. This amazing place is decorated with spectacular waterfalls, luscious vegetation, and stunning views of the starry sky at night during camping adventures.

Take a dive in the Tirthan River which shimmers with its crystal clear water, go for a nature walk among the beautifully green forests, or just unwind in the idyllic tranquillity.


Earlier the Summer capital of English India is a flourishing combination of colonial architecture, natural beauty, and lively culture. Being that small group of women travellers who might not have the expertise in planning tours as men do, they will find solace in well-laid tourist facilities and various types of accommodation they can choose from.

From walking around with the Viceregal Lodge, hustling through the bazaars, or riding the historic Kalka-Shimla Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the city is a hub of interesting sites. Seeking some excitement, go to Chadwick Falls and continue to Chimalsa through the green lush terrain.


A ‘safe yet exciting’ destination for female travellers Manali brings the best of both worlds; where adventure and relaxation time can be experienced. Find your way hiking to the fortunes of Rohtang Pass, calming your mind in the serene Vashisht temple and its hot springs, or simply idling in slow cafes while your eyes capture the beauty of the mountains.

Manali knows what is best for solo travellers. They have a clean dotted line of hostels and guesthouses purposefully spread for such travellers.

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 Away from the crowds and into the serenity of Grahan is a Grahan village, which is located in the Kinnaur Valley, a scenic location.

Roam the orchards which bear apples and apricots on their branch; Reflect on the Shiva temple in Chitkul, and breathe in the tranquillity of the Himalayas.

The folks in the Grahan area are famed for their kindness and warm hospitality, thus a good chance to have a good time and be amply enriched.


For some quiet amidst the mighty Himalayas, Kalpa offers you a peaceful village that is famous for its magnificent views of the Kinnaur Kailash peak. As Saat Samunder Paar, we will take you on an adventure where history unfolds with a visit to the Swarg Veda Temple, a nature walk through the apple orchards or simply relaxing in those settings breathing fresh mountain air.

Must Guides for Solo Female Travelers in the Indian State of Himachal Pradesh

Research and Plan:

Himachal, generally, is secure, however, researching in detail is an important aspect of it. Carry out your itinerary, book your accommodation well in advance and notify your friends or family about your travel arrangements.

Choose Reputable Accommodation:

Go for guesthouses or hotels which have positive feedback when viewed on online platforms, mostly located in decent places not very brown environments. Mansion houses with women-only hostels will give a greater social environment.

Embrace Public Transport:

Embrace the use of public transport options such as buses and taxis by day. Choose the options of shared cabs or pre-booked taxis for late-night travel.

Pack for the Weather:

Weather in Himachal changes throughout the year which includes snowfall due to which roads get blocked making it difficult for a commuter to reach desired places. Take along assorted garments, comfy shoes, and a rain outfit depending on the season.

Be Culturally Sensitive:

Obey customs and traditions of local people Try to maintain a good image by wearing matching clothes while visiting religious sites.

Kasol and Parvati Valley:

If you’re a creative person and looking for something “different” you may walk by the gorgeous Parvati River in Kasol. Hike to Kheerganga, have the delightful experience of living in Tosh village and connect yourself with the Himalayan beauty.

Dalhousie and Khajjiar:

Unlike most hill stations, Khajjiar is popularly called as the “Mini Switzerland of India”, this is just a few kilometres away from Dalhousie. Make the most of the peaceful surroundings and go on nature walks, or visit any Brahmaatal or Khal Baltal.


One place where regular commuters adventure enthusiasts and those who like exploring remote areas alike will have plenty to see is Chitkul village, which is located at the Indo-China border and is the last inhabited place. It brings you the breathtaking sights of the Baspa River curve and the snows of the mountains of the Kinnaur Valley.


That hidden treasure Palampur is famous for tea, its distinct British flavour, and exquisite calm. Bag the cited attractions spots like Tea Gardens, and Andretta Pottery Studio, and enjoy relaxing walks around this amazing green area.

When you are travelling alone, your priority should always be safety and in order to ensure that you follow these simple precautions. As a safety measure, it’s quite sensible to notify someone of your trip, remain away from being alone in the locations late at night, and rely upon your own intuition.

Also, select the popular accommodation with high reviews, conversing with the locals to make your trip one to remember but staying away from untrustworthy people.


Himachal Pradesh is a tourism-ready destination to be seen and experienced by solo women travellers. With something for everyone, lively solo female travellers can take part on the numerous adventures that this Himalayan region has to offer.

Be it blissful serene valleys or exhilarating treks and unforgettable cultural sojourns, Himachal Pradesh contributes to all zones of exploration. With these guidelines in mind and adopting the appeal of oneness with nature, you will have an incomparable and spiritually reflective expedition throughout the Himalayas.

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