About Chasing Trip


I'm Zeeshan Makhtoor

The guy behind the Chasing Trip, I am a travel enthusiast and very passionate about travel and its related stuffs

my dream is to travel the world, “Life is short, and the world is wide.”

As of now i can only read about beautiful places and visit some of them, so I started this website to write about the beautiful places that exist on our planet,

chasing Trip is a versatile website where you can find almost all types of travel blogs like

And all the travel related stuff

I am from Bihar, currently living in Rajasthan,
all the blogs on this website are well-researched and 100% real.

I also hire traveler writers so that you can get real experience of places,
the world is so beautiful besides what we see on the news and the Internet, we the humans of this planet are  loving and caring in nature

Yeah, the exceptions exist but when you step out you can experience the love, caring, friendliness and how they accept you on their land,

Remember that “Not all those who wander are lost.”

Zeeshan Makhtoor

Personal life story

Things I love most [In short]

I’m not a working professional I am a student who loves physics and mathematics, you can’t hate physics I can debate on it. 

I am the biggest fanboy of MCU ( Marvel Cinematic Movies) Generally, I categorized people into two categories 

  • People who watch MCU movies
  • and who doesn’t 

if you are in 2nd category, dude what are you doing on this planet, are you here to just take Oxygen? 

sorry but you missed and are missing something big in your life that we ( marvel fans) can’t even describe, 

email me I’ll help you to start with MCU

Yeah I love MCU very much back to business let’s talk about more things

In sports I love to play Basketball, being a 5’6 (height) guy it is tough to play but not that much because you can always fill the gap of what you don’t have with what you have.

I love Poetry, especially Urdu poetry, also I write Diary, yah for some people it is very boring to write about your day or your week but I kind of enjoy it. 

That’s it, if i forget something but you wanted to know, you can always email me.

Lastly, again if you didn’t watch MCU movies yet,  you should start watching it buddy.

Frequently Asked Questions

you can email me, this is the best way to connect

  There are some steps followed by every blogger like starting with Research and ending with having well-researched and 100% real blogs. there are also steps in between, i’ll write blog on it. I hire traveler writers aswell so that you can get a real travel experience of the particular place.

currently we are covering only Indian places, if you can write about it then yah, you can work for me. here is the way to connect 

yah we accept guest posting but it should meet the requirement like post length should be minimum of 1000 words. however we recommend more lenghty blog posts. you can contact through contact us page, or WhatsApp (+91 7644059647) me direct with your demo article.  

we do offer some services like

  • content writing
  • copywriting
  • SEO
  • Web design/development