Cafes in Hyderabad: Must Visit Places to Eat at City of Pearls 2024

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Fair, to say what the visit to Hyderabad is if you have not tasted the Biryani. But it’s unfair to believe that Hyderabad is all about the Biryanis. This ‘ City of Pearls’ has been the regal of history since its establishment.

Holding a significant image in the world of history, Hyderabad has been exponentially in growth as a developing city. Being sizzled with Biryani and homing to various grandeur monuments, Hyderabad has never been out of the race when it comes to food.

Today, within this blog, we will be covering the parts of the city that are out there to serve the best delectable.

Whether you are the foodie to relish some good food or an enthusiastic traveler stepping to visit the city, we have got your journey covered by sharing the best cafes in Hyderabad which one must visit.

So wear your serviette while on the plate before the food on your plate gets licked by someone.

1. The Coffee Cup House

    The Coffee Cup is often credited for bringing the culture of coffee to the city. Previously, located at the outskirts of the city, recently it has started another outlet located at the heart of the city. The Coffee Cup Cafe is known for bringing good vibes like no other.

    The cafe in Hyderabad has got the best interior and exterior which is a win for it. It has an interior that is neither too shabby nor too extravagant. The areas of the cafe are adorned with bushes and shrubs.

    The aesthetic within is so pleasing that it just strikes the balance of subtlety. This makes it a favorite place for coffee connoisseurs. Moreover, what’s even more exciting is to note that it also conducts shows and programs while giving chances to artists across the world to showcase their art.

    When it comes to the food they serve, they are unquestionable on their own for being exceptionally tasty.

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    2. The Roastery Coffee House

      ‘All I want is a cup of coffee,’ is what one exclaims after having a day as hectic as well. If you are the one hanging around the frantic life, a good brew is all that you need. And that’s what you can get in the bungalow turned cafe of Hyderabad.

      The Roastery Coffee House doesn’t even give you a single hint of it being converted to a cafe from what once used to be a bungalow. This place is well known for having all sorts of brews which can refresh anyone’s day.

      The coffee house has good seating areas both within and outside. However, located around other houses, it might be tough for one to locate it.

      The cafe has some experimental unique blends like coffee mojito, nitro brew, etc. Not just coffees, it has got some best starters to relish as well. 

      One thing to note is that it almost stays crowded at times, so one needs to wait for their coffee time. But what can be assured is that it would be worth it. 

      3. Cafe Graffiti

      Cafe Graffiti
      Cafe Graffiti, credit: Zomato

        “Baby, I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight. I love cheap thrills” gets real at Cafe Graffiti. But are you wondering, why cheap thrills? Well, it is because the menu of the cafe never gets heavy on your budget.

        It has some pocket-friendly dishes which are best to go with a group of friends for hanging out. If you are the one who really doesn’t mind the interior aesthetics and is good to go with the simple arrangements, Cafe Graffiti can be the best option.

        The cafe in Hyderabad has a funky painting wall adorned with bright colors. Moreover, another striking feature is that the cafe has got a responsible staff and rarely delays in serving the orders.

        This cafe in Hyderabad is therefore a good option for those who don’t want to wait much and need to munch something fulfilling yet delicious.

        4. Autumn Leaf Cafe

        Autumn Leaf Cafe
        Autumn Leaf Cafe, Credit: Zomato

          You can’t plan to visit the Banjara Hills without going to the Autumn Leaf Cafe. It is the best cafe in Hyderabad and is nestled with the greenery all around.

          Amidst the lush greenery, this cafe in Hyderabad has both indoor and outdoor seating. This allows food enthusiasts to choose between the good options available. The food they serve here could be better but still is to an extent satisfying and savory.

          Instagram handle: Autumn Leaf Café

          During twilight, the trees around are covered by the fairlights. Sitting under them often means getting showered with flowers and seeds. 

          5. The Driven Cafe

          The Driven Cafe
          The Driven Cafe, credit: Zomato

            Calling out all the motorbike enthusiasts! If you have ever thought that adventure and food can’t go together, this cafe can just burst that myth of yours.

            This cafe in Hyderabad is known for its rustic decor and vintage charm it has with it. The interior of the cafe is best for the old-school lover who loves beholding the retro stuff.

            It even has jackets and helmets which speak for fun! That means you can rent a motorbike and ride around if you wish to.

            Not just an adventurous journey, the cafe does provide a good brew to drink and finger-licking delectables. One more interesting fact is that this cafe is open late at night which means midnight cravings are sorted! 

            6. Karachi Cafe

              Might not look like a fancy name, but Karachi Cafe is the best cafe in Hyderabad where one can go. The cafe has a decor that gives you vibes dating back to the 60s, 70s and 80s.

              All over the walls are decorated with retro pictures and frames with rustic wooden paint. The cafe carries the legacy of karachi biscuits which is the pride of the city. It has many kinds of Karachi biscuits that one might not even be aware of.

              Not only biscuits, the cafe has a menu covering all kinds of desi tadka so that you don’t miss out on the vibes. The place is cozy and the ambiance is fair.

              If you are in a cafe and have not tasted the G.O.A.T Irani Chai, then you are in danger of committing a crime! 

              To Bring it All Together: Cafes in Hyderabad

              The cafe culture in Hyderabad has never really vanished and this blog is a testament to it. Throughout the blog, by mentioning the best cafes in Hyderabad, we aimed to show the cafes that best represent the taste of the city.

              Hyderabad is the place that connects people not with taste but with the culture it incorporates. So enjoy a sip of coffee, and a plate of snacks and create memories at the heart of Hyderabad. 

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