Bay View Farm Campsite: A Serene Retreat in Looe

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8 Bay View Campsite looe :

1. Tencreek Holiday Park

Bay View Campsite looe
Tencreek Holiday Park | tripadvisor

In Cornwall, UK, close to Looe, is the well-known family-friendly vacation destination, Tencreek Holiday Park. The park is picturesque, with sweeping views of the lovely countryside and the close-by coast. Tencreek Holiday Park is ideal for a restful and exciting vacation because of its superb amenities and lodging choices.

For all kinds of vacationers, the park provides a variety of stable caravans, hotels, and roaming sites. Beaches, historical buildings, and walking trails are just a few local attractions and activities readily available around the park.Whether you want a relaxing retreat or an action-packed trip, Tencreek Holiday Park is the best option. Pack your luggage, then travel to this stunning holiday resort in Cornwall for a beautiful getaway.

2.  Watergate Camping

Watergate Camping |

Located in Cornwall, England, close to the breathtaking Watergate Bay, Watergate Camping is a well-liked camping area. This family-run campground provides visitors with the ideal fusion of unspoiled beauty, peace, and contemporary facilities. Watergate Camping is a haven for those who enjoy the outdoors and the great outdoors, thanks to its handy location just a short stroll from the beach and amazing views of the Cornish coastline.

With roomy sites for huts, campervans, and caravans and various recreational opportunities to keep everyone entertained, the Bay View Farm Campsite is equipped to give visitors a pleasant and pleasurable camping experience. Watergate Camping is an excellent option if you’re searching for a peaceful break, an exciting vacation, or a family-friendly camping trip.

3. Three Corners Meadow

Three Corners Meadow |

The picturesque town of Looe, Cornwall, has a quaint and serene campground called Three Corners Meadow. The campground is the ideal location for individuals wanting a tranquil, refreshing camping experience because it provides seclusion from the bustle of daily life. The Bay View Campsite looe, nestled in a scenic valley, has incredible vistas of the adjacent countryside and is close to Cornwall’s famed magnificent beaches and rocky cliffs.

The campground offers plenty of room for camping and a selection of cozy and well-equipped lodging alternatives for those seeking more comfort. Three Corners Meadow is ideal for a relaxing and refreshing camping break because of its serene atmosphere and gorgeous surroundings.

4. The Oaks Holiday Park

The Oaks Holiday Park |

The Oaks Holiday Park is a gorgeous vacation spot in the southwest English seaside town of Looe, Cornwall. The park is surrounded by the stunning natural scenery of hilly terrain, white-sand beaches, towering cliffs, and views of the English Channel’s glistening blue waters. The Oaks is a well-liked vacation spot for couples, families, and reunions of friends.

Various lodging options are available, from opulent resorts and caravans to Bay View Farm Campsite with breathtaking sea views. A warm indoor swimming pool, a fitness center, an exciting playing field, and various food and entertainment options are just a few of the park’s first-rate amenities. The Oaks Holiday Park is the ideal setting for anyone looking for a peaceful and memorable vacation in one of the most stunning areas of the UK.

5. West Kellow Yurts

Bay View Campsite looe |

West Kellow Yurts is a distinctive glamping location in the charming Cornish village of Looe. This glamping location is ideal for people seeking a tranquil vacation away from the noise and excitement of city life because gorgeous landscapes surround it and offer breathtaking countryside views.

Customers can have a distinctive camping experience in real Mongolian yurts equipped with modern comforts at West Kellow Yurts, which is close to Bay View Campsite looe. The venue is on a working organic farm, allowing visitors to experience farm-to-table dining and shop for fresh products. West Kellow Yurts is the perfect destination for adventure seekers and wildlife lovers, with immediate proximity to the South Western Coast Path and close-by beaches.

6. New Peking Garden

New Peking Garden|

The United Kingdom’s coastal village of Looe is home to the well-known Chinese eatery New Peking Garden. The main town of Looe’s fishing harbor is home to the beautiful Chinese restaurant Peking Garden. Looe is a stunning and well-known tourist attraction with fantastic coastline views and family-friendly beach activities.

Since opening, the restaurant has been around for more than 15 years. The restaurant can accommodate 45 to 50 persons and offers a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere and courteous waitress service. Bookings for large groups and birthday parties are accepted. Due to its friendly ambiance, New Peking Garden is a favorite among locals and tourists. Anyone searching for authentic Chinese food in Looe should visit New Peking Garden, whether craving a snack on the go or a multi-course meal.

7. The Stargazy Bar & Grill

the Stargazy Bar & Grill |

A well-known eatery called Stargazy Bar & Grill may be found in the charming seaside town of Looe, Cornwall. Tregoad Holiday Park which is the best Bay View Campsite looe and  is home to the Stargazy Bar & Grill, which boasts stunning views of the surrounding hills and rolling countryside. The eatery provides diners with a casual and welcoming ambiance and is in a magnificent area with harbor views.

The inventive cuisine served at Stargazy Bar & Grill is renowned for using fresh seafood and locally grown products. The restaurant employs a group of talented chefs that are dedicated to producing delectable dishes that highlight regional flavors. Stargazy Bar & Grill is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and offers a variety of regional specialties and handcrafted family favorites—a perfect location for families and a lovely setting for couples. The playground outside next to the restaurant is an excellent place for kids to run around.

8. The Thai restaurant Ocean and Earth

The Thai restaurant Ocean and Earth |

Popular dining establishment Ocean and Earth Thai Restaurant is situated on the quaint seaside of Looe, Cornwall, United Kingdom. Near the picturesque harbor and Bay View Farm Campsite, the Ocean and Earth Thai Restaurant is well-known for its authentic Thai cuisine, warm ambiance, and helpful staff. The eatery is a favorite among locals and visitors because it offers a distinctive eating experience that whisks diners away to the center of Thailand.

Ocean and Earth Thai Restaurant offers traditional Thai meals to satisfy every taste and desire. The restaurant’s cuisine, which ranges from fiery curries to savory stir-fries, is prepared using local products that are fresh and conventional cooking methods. Explore Ocean & Earth Licenced Thai Restaurants in South East Cornwall for the best Thai cuisine. We are an excellent choice for your Thai supper because we have an extensive menu and catering options for both inside and outside events. 

9. Sea Kitchen 

Sea Kitchen |

Popular seafood eatery Sea Kitchen is situated in the picturesque village of Looe, Cornwall. Sea Kitchen, located directly on the harbor, provides beautiful views of the coastline and landscape. The restaurant takes great satisfaction in delivering only the finest, locally sourced, well-prepared fish.

Whether you’re in the mood for classic grilled lobster, fish & chips, or a seafood platter, Sea Kitchen, which is located at Bay View Campsite Looe, has something for everyone. Sea Kitchen is a must-see for seafood eaters visiting Looe because of its laid-back atmosphere, welcoming service, and mouthwatering food—a relaxed dining establishment with stunning ocean views specializing in local fresh fish and shellfish. There are also excellent steaks, various meat specialties, and vegetarian options.


The picturesque Bay View Farm Campsite is the perfect getaway for those looking for a quiet getaway in the stunning Looe countryside. Unsurprisingly, this campsite is a top pick for vacationers with its breathtaking sea views, spotless facilities, and prime location. Everyone can find something to do at Bay View Farm, whether they choose to pitch a tent, leave their caravan parked, or stay within all of their luxury choices.

It is laudable that the campground is dedicated to long-term sustainability, eco-friendliness, and the preservation of the area’s animals and ecosystem, and it is also significant that they are working to build a green and sustainable community. A unique and delightful camping experience is made possible by the courteous and helpful staff and the cozy and welcoming setting.

Overall, Bay View Farm Campsite is an excellent option for those seeking a quiet, unwinding vacation in the beautiful Looe countryside. This campground’s breathtaking surroundings, first-rate amenities, and friendly ambiance are sure to impress whether you’re an experienced camper or a novice. Make a reservation right away to experience the peace of Bay View Campsite looe.

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Q: Are families with children welcome at Bay View Campsite looe ?

A: Families with kids are welcome at Bay View Farm Campsite. The reception area of the campground is close to the campground’s children’s play area. In addition, the neighborhood is home to several family-friendly attractions and activities. Additionally, there are baby changing stations and family showers in the campground. Children can play in the neighboring playground; the beach is a terrific spot for them to have fun.

Q: Is the Bay View Farm Campsite pet-friendly?

A: The Bay View Campsite looe does allow pets. It’s crucial to remember that specific laws and restrictions are in place regarding dogs. They must always be on a snarl, and owners are responsible for tidying up after them. Additionally, confirming what kind of pet you have is permitted with the campground before making a reservation is crucial because there can be limitations on particular types of animals.

Q: Are campfires permitted at the campground?

A: Campfires are permitted in the authorized places of Bay View Farm Campsite. The campground offers fireplaces for use, and the campground store sells firewood. Before lighting a fire, it is crucial to review the local fire codes because there may be limitations in place during increased fire danger.

Q: Do tents have access to electrical hookups?

A: The Bay View Campsite looe does offer power hookups for tents. Though these pitches are constrained, so when making a reservation, mention your needs. For the campers’ comfort, numerous water points are positioned all around the campsite.

Q: Is there parking at the campground?

A: The Bay View Farm Campsite does offer parking for campers. A sizable parking lot at the campground can hold motor vehicles, vans, and even caravans. To ensure there will be enough parking for your car, it is advised to contact the campsite management before your arrival.

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