The Most Popular places to celebrate valentine’s day 2023

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There are many amazing romantic places to celebrate valentine’s day in India However, I brought some of those that are worth visiting with your love.

Valentine’s day is the special occasion in every couple’s lives when they relish recalling their special bond and when somebody, somewhere, ultimately decides to express their feelings for that particular person.

In any event, this day is extraordinarily significant in the lives of all lovers; thus, it is essential to enjoy it in a style that will leave a lasting impression and touch your partner’s heart.


How better to celebrate than at a romantic, far-off place that makes you fall in love with your sweetheart again?

Indian Valentine’s Day clichés include red flowers, chocolates, a romantic nighttime date, a long journey, and the sunset.

Valentine’s Day is a lovely celebration of love. Some couples like to snuggle and open champagne, while others travel to celebrate.

For many couples, life has returned to normal after the New Year’s festivities. Valentine’s Day is coming, and you may celebrate life, desire, love, and devotion with your spouse.

And if you’d like to spend the night out having fun with your spouse! What more thoughtful way could you imagine than taking a trip to some of India’s best romantic locations on Valentine’s Day to enjoy quality time with your loved one?

We’ve gathered eight of India’s most charming places to help you enjoy this Valentine’s Day to help you with the same.

Activities to do on Valentine’s Day:

Go for a hike:

On Valentine’s Day, keep your heart racing with an outdoor excursion. Get away from screens, experience nature’s marvels with a lovely person, and relax.

Relax and watch a movie

Want a quiet evening at home? Grab some comforters, gourmet delicacies, snacks, and snuggle in for a memorable movie binge.

Here’s our curated list of Bollywood movies for you


  • Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge- DDLJ
  • Dil Chahta Hai
  • Jannat
  • Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
  • Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
  • Ashiqui
  • Ashiqui 2
  • Kal Ho Na Ho

There is a never-ending Bollywood Romantic movies, I chose a few Gems that I have watched and had an amazing experience, also you can always google more.

Create an album of your connection.

This enjoyable exercise will appeal to even those who are smaller crafters. Make a lovely diary you and your partner will treasure by collecting pictures of your engagement, outstanding bills, and old ticket slips.

Organize a treasure hunt with your companion.

Send your partner on a Valentine’s Day adventure with rose flower trails and handmade hints if giving a gift is a preferred method of communication.

Re-enact the first date.


Your first meeting was very memorable, whether dating for months or decades. It still started anything, even though it was a comic of mistakes!

Recreate your first date, complete with the Valentine’s Day flower that started the celebration and the caramel strawberries that brought it to a close, to rekindle the flame of the first romance.

Best places to celebrate valentine’s day:

Visit these peaceful, attractive, and secluded spots that are exquisite in isolation to escape the jammed, overcrowded, and artificial woods of metropolitan India.

There are hidden gems in this country full of enthusiasm. Every city has flowers, the weather dances to their pleasant beat, and many resorts and spas.

Our favorite Valentine’s Day spots in India are those who have perfected the art. These suit soul lovers who have refined their love like superb wine.


Alleppey, Photo by Abhishek Prasad on Unsplash

Houseboats immediately come to mind whenever we envision a romantic honeymoon. Cruise at a remote island amid nothing and smuggle into serene riverbank lighting at Alleppey.

Staying in Alleppey is fantastic, as there are numerous houseboats, places to stay, and soothing Ayurvedic retreats.

The marinas go along Kerala’s serene backwaters, where you will see views of verdant rice paddies, choir-making enterprises, and people heading about their everyday lifestyles.

Krishnapuram Mansion, Marari Shoreline, Alleppey Beach, etc., are some destinations you should not miss if you want to discover more about Alleppey’s splendour and try romantic activities with your significant one.

2. Havelock Islands 

Havelock Islands 
Havelock Islands, Photo by tatonomusic on Unsplash

If you both like beaches, visit this Andaman Sea island. Its mysterious beauty and unknown experiences make it a popular Andaman Islands destination. Stay at a coastal resort to enjoy the island’s luxurious activities!

Lovebirds worldwide are lured to the sun, water, and beaches by their special appeal. Havelock Island in the Andaman Sea is one of India’s most popular Valentine’s Day destinations since it’s a refuge for lovers.

Walk with your significant other on the beach’s famous golden sands, just as you would through life’s ups and downs.

3. Nainital

Nainital Lake
Nainital Lake, Photo by Anubhav Rana on Unsplash

Uttarakhand’s picturesque hill town situated at the foot of the Kumaon mountains. The year-round good weather makes it a popular hill resort for families, couples, and lone visitors.

If you wish to kayak in Naini Lake, eat Garhwali and Kumaoni food, browse for handicrafts, or take a ropeway to Snow-covered Viewpoint to see Himalayan beauty, this destination will leave a memorable impact.

An idyllic hill village, Nainital is great for Valentine’s Day. Make peace on a boat. While wandering along the lake at night, you may enjoy local food or romantic activities.

4. Goa

Baga beach Goa
Baga beach Goa, Photo by Sarang Pande on Unsplash

Goa is the destination for lovers who want places to celebrate valentine’s day to become the most exciting and is one of the best places to celebrate valentine’s day.

Partners worldwide frequently visit this “Party Capital of India” annually. With its wide variety of beaches, a profusion of adventurous activities, delicious food, and Aaah night, you may have several options to customize your romantic getaway.

The city provides various activities, from exciting excursions and interesting sites to gorgeous beaches and late-night nightclubs.

You may spend the day relaxing on the beaches, riding a scooter to the cathedrals, snorkelling, and dancing the night away!


Couples can find numerous romantic places where they may immerse themselves in one other and recapture the romance in the old, gorgeous castles and Portuguese heritage.

5. Manali 

Manali, Image by Sudo from Pixabay

An excellent site to celebrate Valentine’s Day in India the following year, is one of the best places to go on a honeymoon. Its beauty is best appreciated in February when there is significant snow.

Additionally, the weather is ideal for you two to become closer and rediscover your love for one another. We have already covered Manali Travel Guide for you😊 

This place is a lovely destination for mountain resort lovers, making it an excellent gift for your partner! Numerous sports, including hiking, skiing, paragliding, and more, are available at this location.

If you desire to unwind, pick a place where you and your companion can have dinner while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Love is certainly in the air here, so take full advantage!

6. Mount Abu:

Yes, Mount Abu is a lovely Rajasthani hamlet. A beautiful oasis located in the Thar Desert. It’s worth it for Aravalli’s stunning landscape and climate! It is one of India’s best Valentine’s Day holiday spots.

Camping in a canvas and hiking in the woods are relaxing holiday activities. They make the journey exciting and daring.

Other activities include mountain climbing and rappelling in places to celebrate valentine’s day.

Relax at the cliff’s edge with your spouse and see the distant sun. The gentle air caresses your skin.

Mount Abu: places to celebrate valentine's day
Mount Abu, Photo by Vinay Bhadeshiya on Unsplash

Conclusion for places to celebrate valentine’s day:

Valentine’s day is dedicated to love, and to reignite the romance, travelling to one of the most charming locations is the best way to concentrate on your partner. 

This concludes the list of the best places to celebrate valentine’s day in India and focuses your jumbled thoughts on the location ideal for your romantic journey. 


Valentine’s Day is mostly about showing our significant others how much we care, but it’s simple to forget to do so.

As with many other occasions, Valentine’s Day gives us time to reflect. We think about our decisions, how content we are right now, and what we can do to express to our beloved how much we care.


1. Which South Indian locations offer the most lovely places to celebrate valentines day?

Among the most romantic locations to visit in South India include Coorg, Alleppey, Kerala, and Wayanad.

The other places are fantastic if you appreciate being in the middle of natural nature, whereas Alleppey is excellent if you wish to explore the backwaters on a riverboat.

2. Which are a few Creative Valentine’s Day Date Suggestions?

Going on a dancing date or taking a long drive to see the morning from a different part of the city are two creative date ideas to amaze your companion.

Think about paragliding, rappelling, or bung jumping together when searching for something more daring.

3. What is Valentine’s Day’s true origin?

It seems that during Late Antiquity, the name was relatively widespread. The Valentine of Valentine’s Week was only one of two men preaching the gospel in Rome during the third century, based on what anyone knows.

One of those two was crucified on February 14th, 269, providing us with the day’s name and date.

4. What specifically actually occurs on Valentine’s Day?

People deliver texts of affection and gratitude to partners, relatives, and acquaintances on February 14th in observance of this day. Couples celebrate Valentine’s Day by exchanging cards and roses and spending time together to show their love for one another.

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