Best places to visit in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

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Coonoor, the charming hill station huddled in the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu, is a place where nature’s beauty flourishes in wealth.

From tea gardens to cool viewpoints, Coonoor has a lot to offer to travellers who are looking for comfort and peace.

If you are planning a trip to this wonderful place, here’s a guide to the best places to visit in Coonoor.

8 Best places to visit in Coonoor :

1) Sims park

Best places to visit in Coonoor
Sims park | tripadvisor

If you are searching for a refreshing and serene escape from the chaos of city life, then Sims Park in Coonoor is the perfect place for you. Heading in the north side of Coonoor, Sim’s Park is an incredible botanical garden home to more than a thousand vibrant species of flowers.

Several facilities are available in this park, from photographers and fun-seekers to nature enthusiasts.

Sims Park also has a stunning variety of plants.

When you are exploring Ooty, make sure to add Sim’s Park is in the best places to visit in Coonoor. This park should be on your list of top tourist attractions.

2) Dolphin nose

Dolphins Nose | tripadvisor

A trip to Dolphins Nose viewpoint treats you to an amazing, inspiring, all-incorporated view of Catherine Falls and the best places to visit in  Coonoor Stream. The geological formation here bears an equal to a dolphin trunk, thus earning its moniker. 

It stands as an ideal location for capturing captivating photographs and basking in the sensor of the locale.

3) Lambs Rock

Lamb’s Rock |

Most striking sunrise vista in Coonoor, Lamb’s Rock has the center stage.

This viewpoint unveils a fabulous outlook of the Coimbatore plains and enveloping verdant tea estates.

In the morning, the sky is decided with the sun in various shades. It makes us feel mesmerized. It surely is one of the best places to visit in Coonoor.

4) Catherine Falls

Catherine Falls | tripadvisor

Catherine Falls is one of the most renowned waterfalls in Coonoor, which is located within dense woodlands. A brief trek through the woods guides you to this flowing gem.

The view of sight and sound of the flowing waters are captivating. You must surely take this trek and add Catherine Falls to the best places to visit in Coonoor.

5) Highfield Tea Factory

Highfield tea factory |

Coonoor enjoys a distinguished reputation for its tea plantation, and a trip to the Highfield tea factory provides a fabulous experience. Observe the tea-making process starting from plucked leaves to the making of a fresh cup of tea. Tea lovers, this is in the best places to visit in Coonoor for you all.

6) Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Nilgiri Mountain Railway |

Start on a nostalgic journey with Nilgiri Mountain Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This century-old steam locomotive swigs its way through the picturesque Nilgiri Hills, offering a unique and charming travel experience. Experience the charm of this vintage Railway experience and the scenery outside. This will top your list of places to visit in Coonoor.

7) Lady Canning’s Seat

The Lady Cannings Seat viewpoint

The Lady Cannings Seat viewpoint, christened after the wife of the British Viceroy, Lord Canning, unveils a sweeping panorama of the Nilgiri Hills and neighboring towns. 

Evening trips make me more mesmerizing in this spot. If you are looking for a picnic-type best places to visit in Coonoor, you can plan a short stroll or picnic with your family here.

8) Laws Falls

Laws Falls

What a trip to the hill station if you don’t get to witness a beautiful waterfall amidst the hills. The water rustles through the terrain, making a splash and hitting the rocks. You will get to witness such calming yet energising scene here. Move to the next stunning waterfall in Coonoor, Law’s Falls, which is surrounded by lush greenery. Amid the hills, the flow of water gives the joy of visiting the best place in Coonoor.

You can trek down to the base of the falls and enjoy a refreshing feature in the cool waters.

What is Coonoor famous for?

Nigiri Tea

Famous for its production of Nilgiri Tea, it holds the unpaid mention of being the largest hill station in the region. And it is in the best places to visit in Coonoor. The whole place is covered with the luscious greenery of the tea plantations, giving out vibrant, rich shades of emerald green.

How many days are required to visit Coonoor?

5-7 days are required to enjoy Coonoor tourism in a better way. You can enjoy major tourist attractions during your tour and indulge in various immersive experiences. However, the vacation days depend on your traveling preferences and how you would like to enjoy the holiday at this hill station in Tamilnadu.

Best Time to Visit Coonoor

The months of October through March are best for a trip to Coonoor Hills. During this period, the Coonoor weather turns cold as the Coonoor temperature ranges between 10’C to 20’C. Due to being a hill station, this stunning destination also looks pleasant in summer.

Top 5 things you can do in Coonoor for an enriching vacation.

1) Trek to the Hidden Valley

When in Coonoor you must head to the lush green mountains of the scenic Hidden Valley! Just 20 km from the main city of Coonoor, this trekkers paradise offers breathtaking views to soak in. You could enjoy a picnic here with friends and family.

If you love capturing beautiful landscapes through your lens, you should keep your cameras handy.

Timings: 9 am to 9 pm

Trek difficulty level: Moderate

Altitude: August to November

2) Spend Some Time At the Highfield Tea Factory

Coonoor tea garden

Your Coonoor trip would be incomplete if you didn’t visit one of its famous tea gardens.

The Highfield Tea factory is in the best place to visit in Coonoor to experience beautiful tea gardens.

You can also get inside the factory and watch the making of the finest teas in the world.

Don’t forget to savor the freshly made cup of tea they serve to the tourists for free.

Timings: 9 am to 6 pm every day

Entry fee: Rs. 10

3) Take A Fun ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway Toy Train

A toy train ride in the hills is always fun, no matter how old you are!

The toy train has 3 coaches and a seating capacity of 254 people. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway toy train starts from Mettupalayam, a town near Coonoor, and goes all the way up to Ooty. The train passes through picturesque green valleys, dark tunnels, and luxurious coffee plantations, plus all the lovely weather!

Don’t forget to take loads of photographs and videos for your Social Media family.

Take care while moving uphill, the train travels at such a slow speed that you can actually get down and walk at its pace!

Timings: 7:45 am to 4:30 pm

Cost of tickets: First Class: Rs. 1100 and

Second Class: Rs. 800

Journey duration: 6 hours

If you want to relax in the authentic beauty of Coonoor then the famous botanical garden Sim’s Park is a must-visit. This park is perfect for a fun family picnic and a serene evening amid pleasant weather and fresh air with over 85 different species of roses.

As mentioned above head to Lamb’s Rock and don’t forget to visit Dolphin Nose.

Acquiring its name due to its shape, this viewpoint offers magnificent views of the Catherine Falls too. You can also take a dip into the soothing water of the falls if you are willing to trek for a few kilometers.

5) Treat Your Taste Buds with Coonoor’s Specialities

After a long day of traveling, enhance your taste buds at Coonoor’s famous restaurant -The Culinarium. Apart from the delicious food, you also get to enjoy breathtaking views of the landscape while you are on pot pies and the goulash from the global menu. For dessert, try the salted caramel ice cream and Creme brulee.

Indian Bakery is the must place to visit here, your trip will be incomplete without it. Try the famous crusty, flaky biscuits known as Varkey, and don’t forget to take some back home.


To wrap it up, Coonoor, nestled in the lush embrace of the Nilgiri Hills, is a treasure trove of natural beauty and cultural richness. From the vibrant blooms of Sim’s Park to the awe-inspiring vistas of Dolphin’s Nose and Lamb’s Rock, this hill station has an array of attractions for every traveller. So, don’t wait—pack your bags and explore the tranquillity, scenic vistas, and rich heritage of Coonoor. Make memories and capture moments at these best places to visit in this charming hill station. Your journey to Coonoor promises a remarkable experience for all types of travellers. Don’t forget to make memories and capture the moments at these best places to visit in Coonoor.

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